This month: 185 - Priesthood of All Believers
Exploring the Heart of Restoration

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  • Of course deacons matter. Let’s consider their role, our role if not the pastor. The less manual / menial activities a pastor has to be involved with, the more / better time can be used “pastoring”. The Bible says “OFFICE”. Who are we to minimize / trivialize what is set forth in scripture? Well do I understand the post from July 17, 2014 because…[Read more]

  • Excellent observation from Aug. 20, 2014. Excellent. Twice with this experience. Once in church and once at a young man’s home. If not prepared for serious encounters with Satan, get prepared. This is serious work. But, with your observation in mind, remember 2 events. The sons of Sceva & Jesus letting HIS disciples know ” . . Howbeit this kind…[Read more]

  • Elder William Howard became a registered member 7 years ago