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  • Matt Dabbs started the topic Any experience with demon possession? in the forum General 6 years, 8 months ago

    I have heard other people tell stories of experiencing people with demon possession but I haven’t ever witnessed it for myself. Over the last few months I have run into a couple struggling with this and it has been eye opening. Any of you out there have any experience with this? What resources have you found to be the most helpful?

    Even if you don’t have any experience with this, please pray for those who suffer with this because it is rough and there are people out there who desperately need deliverance.

    • Matt,

      I once met with a young man who was had been married for about a year and had just started seminary but he was addicted to pornography, which he had been viewing since he was about 6 years old. He was planning on entering a counseling program but was having second thoughts.

      So I and one other person asked if we could just pray for him that God would deliver him from this addiction. We were sitting outside in an area with a lot of people walking around. As we started to pray, this man became very tense and in a different sounding voice he started shouting “Shut the f*** up!” So my friend just started praying “In the name of Jesus, Lord, set this man free from this evil spirit!” and he kept repeating this prayer for about two minutes.

      By now, I’m pretty freaked out and looking around at all the people looking at us. But this man suddenly began crying and just told us that he needed help. He did eventually enter the counseling program with the support of his wife and mercifully was sparred the humiliation and shame of having a lot of people learn of this sin struggle of his. And interestingly, as we were about to leave so that he could go to his appointment with a counselor, the Denver Metro Police approached us to see if everything was ok since someone called them about a disturbance.

      I’ve never experienced anything like that since then and whenever I tell about it, it still makes me nervous because it is so beyond the normalcy of my Christian experience. But if we’re to take scripture seriously then we must conclude that demonic possession is real and regardless of what form demonic possession manifests itself, there is power in the name of Jesus that delivers us from such evil.

      • I am sure that people pick up popular topics to name their own pattern for trying to force the kingdom–which does not come with observation meaning religious rituals. People are WORKING TOO HARD and need to demonstrate more faith that Jesus is still the HEAD of His kingdom and plants (doctrines) which He has not planted will be rooted up and burned.

        They may not know that KAIROS is the DEMON or spirit son of Zeus and “grandson” of Khronos. Kairos well documented (Hermes or Mercury) TIME is well defined as the time to mount an attack.

        The Classics are vital in these end days of panic trying to replace Jesus Who is still the head of HIS Church. The Idolatry at Mount Sinai which got Israel sentenced back to Babylon is called DEMON WORSHIP in 1 Corinthians 10. The religious craftspeople in Revelation 18 are called SORCERERS who HAD deceived the whole world once.

        The School of Christiian thought by Lee Strobel at my last of three “lost investment.” People leave churches because it seems that no one can be trusted to carry the authorized (widow’s collection.

        This is a Willow Creek part of a militaristic effort saying “that individuals no longer have the right to read, interpret or speak the Bible outside of the COMMUNITY reading>. This particular church raises 6 million dollars and plans to plant 60,000 congregations. They will promote instrumental music, predestination and demoting the elders with a vowed Driven Purpose to be the opposiite of the Historic Church of Christ from which they get their fee for godliness. The added congregations does not mean a NET GAIN and includes chasing away many of the owners. I speak of one of the “three investments with the Lord” diverted by a hidden agenda.