This page hosts Bible class materials developed by our writers. If you are looking for material for small groups, have a look at the Small Group Lessons page.


A Study of the Holy Spirit Through the Bible by Matt Dabbs

Leadership: A Study Concerning Elders (Shepherds) by John Mark Hicks

Sacraments (Baptism, Lord’s Supper & Assembly) by John Mark Hicks



The Story By Jay Guin

Old Testament

Creation 2.0 By Jay Guin

Prayers of Habakkuk by John Mark Hicks

New Testament

John: Who is This “Son of Man”? By Jay Guin

Gospel of John by Matt Dabbs

1 Corinthians by John Mark Hicks

Galatians: Free to Live for Christ By Jay Guin

Hebrews by John Mark Hicks

Letters of John by John Mark Hicks

Revelation Class by Matt Dabbs