Sara Barton

A Woman Called: Piecing Together the Ministry Puzzle

Dan Bouchelle

The Gospel Unleashed (3:16 Series)

The Gospel Unhindered (3:16 Series)

Ruth/Esther: When God Seems Absent

Les Ferguson

Still Wrestling

Josh Graves

The Feast

Heaven on Earth: Realizing the Good Life Now By Josh Graves and Chris Seidman

How Not to Kill a Muslim (Coming out in 2015)

John Mark Hicks

Come to the Table: Revisioning the Lord’s Supper

Down in the River to Pray (Revised Edition) – co-authored with Greg Taylor

Enter the Water, Come to the Table: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper in the Bible’s Story of New Creation

A Gathered People: Revisioning the Assembly as Transforming Encounter

Kingdom Come: Embracing the Spiritual Legacy of David Lipscomb and James Harding co-authored with Bobby Valentine

1 & 2 Chronicles (The College Press Niv Commentary. Old Testament Series)

Surrendering to Hope (Co-authored with Christine Parker)

Yet Will I Trust Him: Understanding God in a Suffering World

Jonathan Storment

Bringing Heaven to Earth (co-authored with Josh Ross)

How to Start a Riot: Support Your Local Jesus Revolution