Jesus for 2020?

I added a frame to my Facebook profile recently proudly stating Jesus for 2020. And then it got me thinking, am I serious about that?  It sounds really good but what if it means: doing away with the death penalty and dissolving our military and defense programs because I’ll be too busy loving my enemies […]

David Lipscomb and Civil Government

David Lipscomb and Civil Government[1]                David Lipscomb’s work, On Civil Government, challenges some of the basic assumptions many have concerning the relationship of the church and the state. This volume was written in the mid-nineteenth century, but its message resonates today in our current charged political environment. In the last decade, the work of […]

Ain’t No Rock

This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday. The week before Easter. For those who don’t follow the Christian calendar, Psalm Sunday may not mean as much as the Sunday that follows. But Palm Sunday is important.  And maybe more so than you realize. Where I preach, we will be handing out palm branches. They have symbolized […]