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Four Areas that Must Receive Attention by a Minister Who Wishes to be Healthy

1 July, 2016

Written by Matt Dabbs

If a minister intends to persevere and minister well into the future, a commitment to one’s own overall health is a must. Far too many ministers started well and then managed to self-destruct.  When a minister self-destructs, everyone loses.

To keep from self-destructing, one has to be very intentional about one’s spiritual, emotional, relational, mental, and physical health.

The following are four practices which may be helpful and might even be essential for any church leader to stay healthy.

 Take care of your mind.  Too many ministers do not read widely and consequently get stuck in a mental rut. Some read only the latest books from well-known preachers.   In a culture that continues to rapidly change, coupled with the complexities of life, it is important that…

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