About Us


Maybe you find yourself wandering in the wilderness trying to find your footing. Wineskins promotes healthy dialog with Restoration Movement churches. We want to help through grounding you theologicall/biblically and training you toward discipleship and spiritual formation.


Wineskins started back in May 1992 under the leadership of Philip Morrison, Mike Cope and Rubel Shelly. At that time Wineskins was a print publication with some stated purposes that you can read in full from the very first issue here – Wineskins: A Purpose Statement. Wineskins was and continues to be committed to the Restoration Movement and to helping Christians and churches navigate changing times with an unchanging Gospel.

In that first issue Mike Cope addresses the question, Why Another Journal? His answer has to do with being a “forum for church renewal” and “fresh awareness of the Holy Spirit” via a variety of content by various contributors. The goal was to make it at least two years and re-evaluate things in 1994. Well, Wineskins continues to carry on 30 years later and the future is bright.



Wineskins leadership transitioned to Greg Taylor, Keith Brenton and then in 2013 to Jay Guin, Matt Dabbs and Brad Palmore. Since that last transition Jay passed away and Brad stepped down leaving Matt as the editor of Wineskins.


Our Platforms

We have a number of platforms: blogs on this site, a YouTube channel and a podcast. We also host and fully support a number of our author’s sites including John Mark Hicks and Bobby Valentine.


We are blessed to have over 100 people who write for Wineskins periodically (dad joke alert!).



You can find all past articles back to 1992 in the archive!